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Partners of the National Nature Landscapes

The National Natural Landscapes leave nothing to chance where your well-being is concerned. Partner enterprises are chosen on the basis of strict quality criteria, and this ensures that you will be able to enjoy nature with confidence and a clear conscience.

Treffen Partnerschafts-Initiativen

Hotel am Müritz-National park/ Heske Photo: Ole Steindorf-Sabath

Since 2005, representatives of the protected areas have been working on the harmonisation of the partnership initiatives. Regular meetings are held to discuss the state of the on-going cooperation programmes, and to plan joint activities. Since 2007 the working group has been operating officially through EUROPARC Germany, the umbrella organisation of the National Nature Landscapes.

From July 2008 to February 2010 the project “National Park Partnerships in Germany” was supported by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation with funds from the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Security.

Treffen Partnerschafts-Initiativen

The organisers of the partner initiatives are continually striving to make improvements.

At the end of 2008, agreements were reached on minimum standards for partner initiatives and minimum requirements for the criteria catalogues of the partner initiatives Partner initiatives are increasingly being established not only in national parks but also in biosphere reserves and nature parks. They operate on the basis of the standards and criteria, and are marketed through the joint Website and joint marketing measures.

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